Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tommy Thompson In Iowa

On any other weekend, Tommy Thompson might have secured some more media attention on a visit to Iowa. But unfortunately for him, somebody named Clinton had decided after 3 years to pay a visit.

But it would not be like Thompson to be phased by such a distraction. On Sunday, he went along to a Iowa-Wisconsin Basketball game at Carver Hawkeye Arena. As a Wisconsin local, this wasn't just a campaign stop for Thompson. For the record, Wisconsin topped Iowa 57-46.

Come early next year, Thompson will be hoping for another Wisconsin victory in Iowa.

Thompson then went to a meet and greet at a local restaurant, where he spoke about his plan for Iraq, as well as a need to revamp health policy in America.

Because he is from the Midwest, Thompson thinks he has an edge over other candidates, and will campaign heavily in 4 swing states, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and of course, Wisconsin.