Friday, January 12, 2007

Tommy Thompson explores Presidential Nomination

Former Governor of Wisconsin and Secretary of Health & Human Services Tommy Thompson has kicked off his campaign with a bang shortly after filing his Exploratory Committee papers with the FEC. He had a fundraising dinner with supporters in Madison, Wisconsin, raising $1million.

Thompson, 65, has so far been considered a long shot in the race for the Presidential nomination. But that is not stopping the former Governor. He has apparently already hired advisers to be on the ground in crucial states, Iowa and New Hampshire.

And he has promised that he will be spending at least one day of every week in Iowa over the coming year. As a neighbour to that State, that wont be too hard, and no doubt his reputation there is already well known.

Thompson has a good record of public service, having served as Governor for 14 years, followed by 4 years as Health & Human Services Secretary. He had previously served for 20 years in the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1966-1986.

In his
press statement, Thompson said that "...we need to start building America again with common sense solutions for the common problems facing American families."

Thompson is pro-life, but surprisingly also pro embryonic stem cell research. Therefore his positions on social issues could appeal to both the moderate and conservative base of the GOP.

Tommy Thompson's campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire could give him the opportunity to be considered more than just a long shot. He has a record of achievement as Governor and a lifetime of public service.