Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tommy Thompson In Iowa

On any other weekend, Tommy Thompson might have secured some more media attention on a visit to Iowa. But unfortunately for him, somebody named Clinton had decided after 3 years to pay a visit.

But it would not be like Thompson to be phased by such a distraction. On Sunday, he went along to a Iowa-Wisconsin Basketball game at Carver Hawkeye Arena. As a Wisconsin local, this wasn't just a campaign stop for Thompson. For the record, Wisconsin topped Iowa 57-46.

Come early next year, Thompson will be hoping for another Wisconsin victory in Iowa.

Thompson then went to a meet and greet at a local restaurant, where he spoke about his plan for Iraq, as well as a need to revamp health policy in America.

Because he is from the Midwest, Thompson thinks he has an edge over other candidates, and will campaign heavily in 4 swing states, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and of course, Wisconsin.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thompson - Create 3 Iraqi States

Tommy Thompson yesterday announced his bold proposal for Iraq - create 3 states, one each for the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

Thompson said that there is no easy solution for the situation in Iraq, but creating 3 distinct areas would "...form a confederation that allows each group to operate their local affairs in a manner that best suits its people, religious beliefs and culture..."

Although the states would operate independently, there would still be a national government to provide defense and economic infrastructure. Thompson said that there are still some areas to be worked through with the plan, but it requires common sense, just like with Yugosalvia where a similar plan worked.

This is an interesting move by Thompson, and one that might appeal to those who are looking for a workable solution to a worsening conflict.

Just last week, Thompson said that he had concerns about the surge of U.S troops to Iraq.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Concerns on Iraq Plan - Thompson

Tommy Thompson has expressed concern over President Bush's new plan for Iraq.

Thompson has said that he doesn't believe that sending an extra 21,500 troops on its own will solve the problems in Iraq. He said that any real solution to the problems must come from the Iraqi people.

Suggesting a bold plan for Iraq, Thompson said that the US needs to consider that the country may need to be divided into separate states or nations, stating that "...history dictates that you can't force people who hate each other to live together."

Possible GOP Presidential candidate Chuck Hagel has come out strongly against the Bush plan, as has Sam Brownback. John McCain and Rudy Giuliani, the two favorites for the Republican nomination have strongly supported a U.S. escalation in Iraq.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Tommy Thompson explores Presidential Nomination

Former Governor of Wisconsin and Secretary of Health & Human Services Tommy Thompson has kicked off his campaign with a bang shortly after filing his Exploratory Committee papers with the FEC. He had a fundraising dinner with supporters in Madison, Wisconsin, raising $1million.

Thompson, 65, has so far been considered a long shot in the race for the Presidential nomination. But that is not stopping the former Governor. He has apparently already hired advisers to be on the ground in crucial states, Iowa and New Hampshire.

And he has promised that he will be spending at least one day of every week in Iowa over the coming year. As a neighbour to that State, that wont be too hard, and no doubt his reputation there is already well known.

Thompson has a good record of public service, having served as Governor for 14 years, followed by 4 years as Health & Human Services Secretary. He had previously served for 20 years in the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1966-1986.

In his
press statement, Thompson said that "...we need to start building America again with common sense solutions for the common problems facing American families."

Thompson is pro-life, but surprisingly also pro embryonic stem cell research. Therefore his positions on social issues could appeal to both the moderate and conservative base of the GOP.

Tommy Thompson's campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire could give him the opportunity to be considered more than just a long shot. He has a record of achievement as Governor and a lifetime of public service.